Friday, December 31, 2010

A Look Back At Knitting 2010!

I'm copying my friend Lina's idea about posting knits of the year. See her wonderful post with her lovely pictures here!

Here are my projects starting with January. I did finished a bunch of projects in January but they were started in 2009.

Baby socks for one of my girl's teacher.

Depth Charge Shawl

Whirlpool shawl

HH Shawl

2 Ponchos I didn't take a picture of the pink one I made too.

Socks for O from the Big Book of Socks.

Brown socks for me in Skinny Bugga

WM socks for me

Blowfly Shawl for me in a color not dyed anymore in skinny bugga

Little Love Bug Socks for B & O

Red Cowl (it was suppose to be a capulet but much too small)

Aunt Betty's Jazz

Mom's Scarf

Purple Clio Socks

Purple Slippers for B

Stone Chat Slippers

Dragon Pink Socks for O

Shawl for my sister I never did get a picture of it before giving it to her.

Green Leaves Scarf for one of the girl's teacher

Green Rib Scarf for one of the girl's teacher

Purple Cowl became a gift for the girls' school bus driver

Green Socks for me out of Traveller yarn

B's Cowl

Pop's Brown Socks

Third Try Hat for me

Red Wrap


Almost finished my Seaweed Cardigan. I just have to finished the band but I don't know if it will be done for 2010.

That's 29 projects! I have 9 more projects that will have to be finished in 2011. I tend to have at least 9 projects going at the same time because I get bored with some of the patterns.

Have a great New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year! 29 projects! What a great accomplishment.

  2. Happy New Year! And what a lot of projects! Woohoo! :)