Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Joys

Sanguine Gryhon was having a naming contest. People entered by telling their personal stories about a special place. Then people would click on "love" for the stories they liked. I wrote about the place I went to in Grade 12 for a school trip without parents. Here is the story:

The most beautiful and peaceful place I’ve been to was BAMFIELD (actually Bamfield Marine Station). It was my first trip without my parents. It was a school trip during Grade 12. It was funny how my fellow students were freaked out by the shrimp with heads. What did you think that shrimps didn’t have heads? I’m Asian so fresh/frozen shrimp is a staple at our house.

Here is a link to a picture on a sun day. Mine was taken early morning with the mist on the water.

Winners of the contest got to win a skein of their name in Traveller (dk weight) or Little Traveller (sock weight). I picked the dk weight and here is the picture of my skein. It was really hard to capture all the colors!

Here is the picture on the Sanguine Gryphon web site:

Bamfield in Traveller $19 for 280 yards dk weight

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