Sunday, December 25, 2011

Birthday Peacock Shawl - DONE!

Started Sept 18/11
Finished Dec 25/11

Oct 21/11 - Made great progress but not liking the spots I messed up so I’m going to frog it and start again. :(

Nov 1/11 - this shawl is driving me crazy. I had to start again since I lost some stitches. UGH!

Needle: size 6 & 10

Yarn: Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash in Were Different Happy Birthday Kristina


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cream Hat - DONE!

Started Dec 18/11
Finished Dec 21/11

I held the bugga double for this hat.

Dec 19/11
- forgot to switch to larger needles so will just keep going on Size 5

Needle: Size 5 circular

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Irregular Naked


Monday, December 12, 2011

Snowmen Ornaments & Necklaces - DONE!

Started Dec 2/11
Finished Dec 15/11

These aren't hard to make. I can make 2 or 3 if I spend a few hours on them. I want to make 10 of them. Two are necklaces for my daughters, 2 teacher gifts and then gifts for work coworkers. I have 6 done so only 4 more to go.

Needle: Size 5 circulars

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in white and then scrap yarn for the scarves. I've been using sample skeins of Codex (bfl & silk). The black is done with cross stitching floss.


Hawk Slipper #2 - DONE!

Started Nov 13/11
Finished Dec 11/11

I needed to make another pair for hubby since the other ones have holes in them now.

Dec 2/11 - finished the first slipper!

Needles: Size 6

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Hawk


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pop's Blue Socks - DONE!

Started May 1/11
Finished Dec 1/11

This is my first 2 socks at a time!

Nov 19/11 - have turned the heel on both socks!

Needles: Size 6 circulars

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Marlin


Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby Booties - DONE!

Started Nov 24/11
Finished Nov 25/11

Nov 24/11
- finished one bootie!

Needles: Size 1.5 circular

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Monsoon


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Work Baby Hat - DONE!

Started Nov 14/11
Finished Nov 18/11

The techs are work are pregnant. I'm going to knit a hat & booties for one of them.

Needles: Size 3

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Monsoon


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Playful Plumage Hat Test Knit - DONE!

Started Nov 11/11
Finished Nov 13/11

Another test knit. I needed to knit something for the girls' bus driver that now picks them up in front of the house. It's my first time knitting with my own handspun too! I had to go down a size in needles to get gauge.

Needles: Size 4 & 6

Yarn: JulieSpin SW BFL in Berry Freeze spun to 8 WPI (Heavy worsted)

Pattern: not available yet from LeftSideKnits

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Test Winged Samara Shawl - DONE!

Started Oct 26/11
Finished Nov 8/11

I am testing knitting again for LeftSide Knits.

Nov 1/11 - starting the 2nd time through Chart A

Nov 5/11 - starting Chart C. Ran out of yarn so will finish with Royal Blue.

Nov 7/11 - running out of yarn again. Finishing row 18 & 19 of Chart C and binding off in Skinny Bugga in Blue Metalmark.

Needle: Size 5 circulars

Yarn: Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock in Med Sea

Pattern: Test knit will link pattern once its published

Rock Shrug - DONE!

Started Sept 3/11
Finished Nov 9/11

This will be a shrug for my youngest. I LOVE the colors in this yarn.

The only confusing part was what to sew together for the arms. You need to sew the ribbing so that it becomes a complete loop. Then you pick up stitches to make the sleeve.

Needles: Size 3 & 5

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Free Range in Rock Ptarmigan


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Leftover Cowl - DONE!

Started Oct 20/11
Finished Oct 29/11

I had leftover yarn from the shawl I was knitting so I decided to make a cowl but Jennifer wanted a scarf. I modified the pattern. I am using size 7 needles instead of size 5. I casted on 42 stitches and purl the odd rows instead of knitted. I ran out of yarn so I sewed the ends to make a cowl.

Needle: Size 7 circular

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Cockchafer


Saturday, October 8, 2011

JM Shawl - DONE!

Started Oct 7/11
Finished Oct 19/11

This is my first paid knitting project. It's for my boss' mother for Christmas.

I added 10 rows of knitting to make the shawl bigger.

Needle: Size 7 circular

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Cockchafer


Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris Green Scarf - DONE!

Started Sept 3/11
Finished Sept 24/11

This is a gift for a co-worker. She was the one that signed me up for an interview as soon as I dropped off my resume.

Needles: Size 6 circular

Yarn: Fiberphile Hand-Dyed Yarns & Fibers MCN Luxe Sock in Envy


Bluepurple Cardigan - DONE!

Started Mar 18/11

Finished Sept 17/11

This will be a cardigan that the oldest can grow into.

Needles: Size 6 & 7 circulars

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! Reakirt's Blue