Monday, September 27, 2010

Gift Shawl - DONE!

Started Aug 19/10 Finished Sep 17/10

This is my yarn & pattern from the May Loopy Ewe Sock club. It will be a gift. I like the yarn and the colors of it but not together. I hope I can finish it before the end of September.

Sept 4/10 - the wing chart was driving me crazy. The chart shows stitches outside the border. Line 5 looks like [ssk, yo, k5, yo, sl1 k2tog psso, ssk] What it should be is [yo, k5, yo, sl1 k2tog psso]. The same will go for line 29.

Sept 17/10 - I had lots of yarn leftover so I did 3 more yo, k2tog rows and then garter before binding off. Sorry no picture of the blocked finished shawl since I forgot before delivering it to my sister in Calgary, Canada!

Needle: Size 4 circulars

Yarn: Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Socks in Daffodil


Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon Pink Socks - DONE!

Started Jul 10/10 Finished Sep 9/10

These will be Christmas presents for my oldest. I'm using size 0 in hopes of making a small enough pair of socks for her.

Jul 23/10 - turned first heel!

Aug 8/10 - finished the first sock!

Needle: Size 0 circulars

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Dragon Millipede


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fifth Yarn

I started with this fiber:

Here is my 5th yarn. It's 2ply and 21 WPI.

I still have about 1/2 of the fiber to spin still.

Third & Fourth Yarn

So I started with this fiber:

This is my third yarn. It's only single ply.

This is my fourth yarn and its 2 ply. It's about 22 WPI.