Monday, December 31, 2012

A Look Back At Knitting 2012!

It gets harder to do these reviews of the year since I get better and knitting & spinning more.  It's going to be a summary with lots of pictures.  Doing the Camp Loopy makes me finish projects on time.  I managed to finish 52 projects this year (stuck one in last min, finished a shawl I had been working on):

21 shawls
11 hats
8 socks
8 snowmen
2 gloves
2 booties
leg warmers
baby blanket
baby sack

I still have a cardigan, 4 shawls and 2 blankets that won't be finished before the end of 2012.







I also spun 32 yarns for 2012!  I'm getting much better at my Hansen mini spinner.