Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blue Wing Shawl Camp Loopy #2 - DONE!

Started Jun 27/12
Finished Jul 10/12

This project must be done by Jul 27/12 and must be 800 yards.  The color was suppose to be one of your country's flag.  I picked blue.

Jul 1/12 - I might have to add to this shawl to get 800 yards knitted. I’ve knitted the right side and only used 256 yards.

Jul 6/12 - I’ve finished the shawl but have lots of yarn left. I kitchener the 2 pieces together instead of the 3 needle bind off. I will pick up stitches from the top edge and knit till I have used most of the yarn.

Jul 7/12 - I’ve finished but only used 513 yards so I will be adding to the top of the shawl about 60 rows. I’ve added 20 already but need to increase each side so it will look right.

Needle: Size 6 circulars

Yarn:  Malabrigo Yarn Lace in Paris Night


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Third Man Shawl - DONE!

Started Mar 22/12
Finished Jun 25/12

Had to go up to size 8 needles to get gauge.

Needles: Size 8 Circular

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Mithril in The Third Man


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lake Shawl - Camp Loopy #1 - DONE!

Started May 27/12
Finished Jun 8/12

This is the first of three projects for Camp Loopy!  This shawl must be finished by Jun 27/12.

Needles:  Size 5 circulars

Yarn:  Studio June Yarn Super Cash Sock in Shallow Water

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Current Mystery Shawl - DONE!

Started Apr 5/12
Finished Jun 1/12

May 27/12 - realized that somewhere along the way I got the center stitch off by quite a lot. Oh well, this has been a difficult knit for me. I had to tink back a few times.

Needle: Size 5, 6, 8 & 10 circular

Yarn: JulieSpins Euro Fingering in currant