Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wheat Hat - DONE!

Started Jun 9/11
Finished Jun 12/11

I have a deadline for this knit. It's a sample knit for Becoming Art. It has to be done by Jul 12/11. I'm gotten a good start. It's the first time I've casted on with a provisional cast on.

Jun 10/11 - Had to frog it and redo it. I was following the large gauge instead of the small gauge. I was at 30 rows and it wasn't close to 8".

Jun 12/11 - done except for the pom poms. Will finished tomorrow.

Jun 13/11 - Pom poms done. I’m not good at making them though.

Needle: Size 5 circular & dpn

Yarn: Becoming Art Dulche Worsted in Soft Wheat


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