Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First Test Knit! - DONE!

Started Apr 16/11
Finished Apr 23/11

This is my first test knit. So far I love the pattern and how big the charts are (usually they are small so I usually follow the written directions). I LOVE patterns that have both charts & written. I tend to follow the written but some times you have look at the chart for it to make sense and vise versa. I have a deadline of May 1st so I will be working on this more then my other 9 WIP I plan to knit chart 1 with the Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle until I run out then go to the Rhino for a few repeats of chart 1 & finish with it.

This shawl ended up being 3 colors since I was trying to use up some leftover yarn. It used about 800 yards. I did 7 repeats of Chart 1 and only got to line 37 in Chart 2 before I knew I didn’t have enough yarn. As it was I had to bind off with some of the red. You might be able to get 8 repeats with 2 skeins of Bugga! It’s already over 20” wide without being blocked. I’ll put in the measurements once its washed & blocked. Final size 78" wide & 33.5" long

Apr 12/11 - I spent from 5 - 9PM on this pattern and was able to get through almost the 1st repeat of chart 1. The pattern is nice & easy to follow!!

Apr 13/11 - starting the 3th repeat of Chart 1.

Apr 14/11 - about 1/2 way through the 4th repeat of Chart 1.

Apr 16/11 - I had to frog my shawl since I decided at the 5th repeat to not do it in Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle and move on to Rose Weevil? (? since I don’t know exactly what color I have). So I tried to tink back but I messed up somewhere. I have to start all over again.

Apr 17/11 - I was able to re-knit to the 10 row of repeat #5. I will have to start row 11 in the Rose Weevil (?)

Apr 18/11 - Done the 5th repeat of Chart 1. I plan to do 5 more before moving to Chart 2.

Apr 19/11 - I’m almost finished a full repeat (#6) in the red.

Apr 20/11 - Finished the 6th repeat and 1 repeat in Chart 1 in the red.

Apr 21/11 - Finished the 2nd repeat in red for Chart 1. Probably going to do one more then move on to Chart 2.

Apr 22/11 - Decided to go to Chart 2 and not do a 3rd repeat in red. Good thing since it looks like I might run out of red before I finish. I'm on line 21.

Apr 23/11 - Made it to line 26. Continuing in Love Bug Bugga! Made it to line 37 and decided to bind off. Had to use some leftover red in order to finish binding off. It's done but still needs to be washed & blocked. It's already over 20" long so it will be a great length once its blocked!

Needle: Size 6 circular

Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle & Rose Weevil (?)

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