Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yarn 10, 11 & 12

I've been spinning more then knitting. Here is my latest yarns!

This is "Such Fun" Superwash Colonial 4 oz from

I spun it into 2 ply 18 yards 8 WPI (heavy worsted) and 3 ply 78 yards 7 WPI (heavy worsted).

This is 4 oz of SW Merino from Highland Handmades.

I made 2 ply 21 yards 8 WPI (Heavy Worsted) and 3 ply 66 yards 7 WPI (Heavy Worsted).

This is 4 oz of Falkland Top in Turquoise from Bee Mice Elf.

I made 2ply 127.5 yards 10 WPI (worsted) yarn.


  1. Oh so pretty! What are you going to make with all that pretty handspun?

  2. Well, the youngest picked out the "Such Fun". She says she wants a sweater out of it. I don't know since I'm still working on a cardigan for her. I'm NOT a fast knitter! LOL! :D The others I'm not sure yet.