Saturday, September 26, 2009

My First Toe Up - DONE!

Started Aug 2/09 Finished Sept 25/09

Fiberphile has KAL (knit a long) and she said any pattern from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. I just got that book from not too long a go. I decided to do the Lacy Rib Socks They will be in Fiberphile Yarns & Hand-Dyed Fibers Mosaic Super Squish Sock's Dark Bloom. I finally managed to do the Turkish cast-on last night after 4 tries. Watching someone do it on You-tube with needles in the left hand helped me a lot (the book shows it with the needles in the right hand). I figured out that I knit left handed continental method rather then right handed English Method.

So far this is a nice and easy lace pattern!

Aug 18/09 Started the gusset!
Aug 20/09 Finished the heel, its not pretty. I’m glad I did the Silver Sock class before this so I knew what I was doing wrong at the heel. I messed up and the count wasn't working but I knew that I should be picking up the side so I just did it. I ended up with way too many stitches some how so I had to decrease which is why it doesn't look at all like it should.

Aug 30/09 Finished the first sock!
I did a much nicer job of the heel on the second sock. It always take me one try of a pattern to figure out the kinks. I would have finished quicker if I didn't try to work on 5 projects at a time.
Needles: Size 0 47" circular needle

Yarn: Fiberphile Yarns & Hand-Dyed Fibers Mosaic Super Squish Sock in Dark Bloom